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Lake Winnie, the Walleye Factory

Pat O'Reilley - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Lake Winnibigoshish has long been one of Northern Minnesota's most productive and reliable fisheries. It is centrally located here in Northern Minnesota, easily accessible from many landings and resorts, and at 55,000 acres it provides lots of big lake fishing opportunity, while remaining manageable and safe for first timers and small crafts.

walleye fry from the Cutfoot Sioux Egg Harvest Station

Lake Winnie is one of Minnesota’s most resilient walleye fisheries, generating enough walleye production to meet the demand of thousands of anglers who visit the lake every year. Walleye eggs are harvested each spring at the Cutfoot Sioux Egg Harvest Station, then hatched at the Grand Rapids Hatchery. These fry are so abundant and healthy that they are used to stock not just Winnie, but dozens of other lakes, accounting for improved walleye fishing throughout the area. Without the walleye fry from the Cutfoot Sioux walleye run, many Minnesota lakes simply wouldn’t have fishable populations. 

A well-researched protected slot limit (walleye measuring from 17 to 26 inches must be returned), means that Winnie offers folks an opportunity to catch the best healthy young fish for eating (under the slot) as well as have a chance at a great trophy. Don’t worry, there are plenty big fish 18” and over ready to be caught out there.

Stay tuned to our blog for more fishing tips and stories. In our future posts, we’ll talk about cold water tips for walleye opener, and after that, what to do as things heat up in June. Happy spring!

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Fingerling image and lots of great wildlife photos thanks to USFWS Mountain Prairie
Thanks to our friend Jeff Sundin, aka The Early Bird Fishing Guide, as the main source of info for this post. Book a trip with Jeff this spring!